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Tony Adams : Founder and Principal of Dental Media

Social Media Marketing Consultant
Tony Adams

Tony Adams is recognized as one of Australia’s leading social media marketing consultants. He also has significant business experience ranging from 25 years as a share broker, on both sides of the Tasman, through to co-founding Scorpio Music Pty Ltd that has been described as Australia’s fastest growing music company. Tony is a sought after keynote conference speaker and has addressed audiences around the globe.




Tony has used the power of the Internet and his social media marketing skills to assist businesses achieve tremendous results. Using it in his own allowed him to first retire ten years ago in his mid 40’s.

He knows how hard it is for businesses and professionals to have the various forms of social media working best for them. He draws from first hand personal experience how to optimize what they are currently doing and what needs to be enhanced for greater results and new business flows.

For further information visit his website.

Best contact details:

Email :                 Phone :  +61 452633970

Postal :  PO Box R1513 Royal Exchange, NSW, Australia 1225

Head Office :  1 Market Street, Sydney 2000


Tony Adams : Social Media Marketing Consultant

Tony Adams



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